Sunday, December 8, 2013

A blog post of the personal kind.

Many of you already know that lovenell is the creation of a Husband and wife team (and often with the help of great friends and although rare, hired assistants). We pride ourselves in being a small business, especially since we have always loved supporting them ourselves. This last year has been filled with many new adventures, namely welcoming our first child, our handsome son Preston, into the world while engulfing ourselves in every sweet moment with him.

The other half of our duo started an entirely new adventure in law school (we'll let you guess who did which). With that, we have been incredibly busy this last year and took a bit of an unsaid hiatus in the shop (although it was always open). Now with our little guys first birthday under our belts, we are completely ready to put our hearts back into the shop and we wanted to sincerely thank you for sticking around. We're kicking this "comeback" off with some very darling handpicked new arrivals (seriously, darling.) and a coupon code* just for you. We deeply appreciate you all from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for letting us (mama lovenell, mostly) do what we love.

Check out those rolls :)

You can read our post from last year, featuring Preston's baby shower here. It's made a couple of rounds through Pinterest. ;)

We also have an official Instagram! Be sure to add us- we have an awesome flash sale coming up soon: @shoplovenell. You can also follow Mama Lovenell's personal account here: @jojolovenell.

*use code: welcomeback for 10% off at checkout. Good until the end of the week. Again, we truly appreciate you (and would love to hear from you!). From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. <3

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Spring!

Don't forget to enter our very first Instagram giveaway to win our gorgeous Matilda Polka Dotted Dress {our account is fairly new, so your odds of winning are pretty darn good}. This dress is the cutest combination of bright spring and classic polka dots! Enter on IG at @shoplovenell. Giveaway ends this Sunday, April 28! Good luck!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Things we love Thursday

1. L'occitane "Sels de Bain" Bath Salts: we love all things l'occitane, but one of our absolute favorites is their lavender bath salt. These purple crystals are a spa in a tin can. 

2. Benefit "They're Real" Mascara: we know a ton of mascaras promise to lengthen lashes. But this one seriously works. Promise. And for an extended period of time on top of it. This really is one of our absolute all-time favorites. 

3. Boi-ing Concealer: another Benefit product we love. Most concealers tend to be dry and clumpy. This stuff goes on smooth and lasts all day. Tip: be sure to use a shade lighter than your natural skin color, apply under eye with your ring finger and blend in with powder. 

4. Bumble and bumble voluminous Conditioner and Spray: we love volume. There's nothing like leaving a salon with a fresh blow dry after getting your hair done...and this stuff gives you that same exact feeling. After using the conditioner, we mist on the spray before blow drying with a round brush. You will look and feel like you just left a salon. Serious.

5. Chanel lipgloss: this stuff goes on with the perfect amount of shine without feeling too thick. Our favorite is the pink tinted "twinkle" but they have several cute colors to choose from. 

6. Nail decals: so cute and easy to apply. We love Made by Munchies Mama's different styles, ranging from nautical to chevrons...all so cute!

...and a little something for Valentines day: how cute is this "let's spoon" silver spoon from etsy? 

What are things YOU love on this Thursday? Link up in the comments!

*This is not a sponsored post and we are not personally affiliated with any of these brands. We just genuinely love these products.