Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Hair Inspiration

We love effortlessly gorgeous hair--especially when it truly doesn't take much time to throw together. While browsing Pinterest and a couple blogs, we've compiled a few of our favorites for the season:

Pinning up loose braids, creating a messy updo.

We love this look! {the waterfall braid} and our favorite part is that hair drying isn't necessary. Simply curl a few naturally dried pieces and braid or twist two pieces of hair to the back, pinning up at the ends. Effortless, cute, comfortable  and perfect for this season. 

The classic and timeless Side Chignon can be easily achieved by pinning up low swept curls and sweeping enough hair from the opposite side in to create a side bang look {that is, if you don't already have bangs}. 

The Twisted Updo creates an image of an updo that may have taken some time... but all that's really necessary is twisting two pieces from the top of your head {no braiding necessary!}, pinning the pieces at the bottom and twisting the remaining pieces into a messy bun--attaching with a hair tie. 

We will always love the classic half-and-half updo--regardless of the season!

The Boho Braid, which can also be styled and braided on just one side. 

A low chic ponytail.

And lastly, we will always love a classic high ponytail with bangs. 


  1. Just found your blog and it is lovely! Love all these picks! xoxo

  2. The waterfall braid is soo pretty but I don't think I'm skilled enough to do it! I'm a new follower :)

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